Yet another website about Artificial Intelligence… But what for?

The MIAInnovation Quarterly aims at communicating the latest evidenced-based understandings about AI-related innovation while at the same time, making these insights accessible to a large audience of people and stimulating critical thinking and thought-provoking articles.

It is a media that publishes results from deep field experience and rigorous empirical experiments about how AI is an enabler of new value-creation through innovation. A specific attention is paid to the the usefulness and practicality of the contents, as perceived by our audience. 

It is a multi-disciplinary, on-line publication, welcoming contributions from industry, academia and society through a « as-it-is » process. Twice a year, the most appreciated on-line articles are selected by the editorial board for integration into the MIAInnovation Quarterly Edition benefitting from a collective enrichment and a great visibility.

MIAInnovation Quarterly is an initiative of the MIAI innovation board with the support of (namely in alphabetical order):

Together, our modest goal is to help people understand the ubiquitous AI terms they are exposed to every day, providing them keys to decide the usages they want for AI, and to accept (or reject) the AI technology and the derived products.

We are planning to write a new post every two weeks, and secretely hope that our unpretentious articles will make you want to share your own AI thoughs, experiences and expertize.

Together with yours, we should be able to gather enough material to make our opinion about whether and how Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives.

This journal is yours and we will be happy to publish the articles you will send, giving credits to you of course.

Welcome aboard!


For the MIAInnovation Quarterly Team,
Sylvie Blanco and Philippe Wieczorek